A small voluntary committee runs the shop as an Industrial Provident Society and it is a non-profit making organisation.


    Chair, IT liaison – John Abbott
    Secretary, admin, building, grants -William Betts
    Products/marketing – Jackie Williams
    Treasurer, Finance – Mark Leaver
    HR/Personnel – Lesley Ravenscroft, Avril Mason
    Products – Clare Hubbard


    Manager – Mandy Jones
    Assistant Shop Manager, Accounts Manager – Emma Skinner
    Cooks: Stefon Wade, Mary Dennis
    Café and Shop Assistants: Ani Strejan, Jennifer Ng Gade, Karen Dawes, Rebecca Norris, Sasha Hitchcock, Jamie Smith
    Shop Assistants – Mary Dennis, Elizabeth Miller, Ben Lynch, Lauren Ball

    Ably assisted by many, many volunteers

Latest AGM reports

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Annual AGM report 2016
Annual accounting reports 2016
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