Volunteer’s evening, 21 February – and suggestions for the summer?

37 volunteers, staff and committee members came together on Tuesday 21st February for a great evening, celebrating our lovely shop and café. Thanks to Avril for organising and to Stefon for the delicious food: lamb tagine (or a vegetarian option of filo pastry with feta cheese), couscous or new potatoes, salad – and a chocolate brownie. Much elderflower juice and red wine and white wine was consumed! We are planning another social event sometime in the summer – do please let us know if you have any suggestions. A barbeque outside perhaps? It would be lovely to see even more volunteers at that event.

Volunteer Vacancy

We are currently looking at the volunteer rota with a view to trying to fill gaps on a more permanent basis – if you do not currently volunteer but could offer just a two and a half hour slot once a week, or once a fortnight, or even once a month. please do let us know. We rely on volunteers to keep our shop going but are currently struggling to find enough people.

Barbara’s Seeded Snack Cracker

Barbara’s new large cracker is called SEEDED SNAP CRACKER! It’s delicious, wheat and gluten free, dairy free, egg free, fat free, sugar free. Made with almonds and buckwheat flakes and seeds. Will be in the HNCS sometime this week. Lasts for ages too that’s if you don’t eat it all at once as soon as you snap a bit off!!! “Definitely the best cracker I’ve made so far”!


Further developing our commitment to low food miles and local food we are asking local people if they would like to be involved in producing home grown fruit, vegetables and flowers to use or sell in the cafe or shop. Please ask for details in the shop or leave your details if you would like to be involved in this scheme in any way.

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