• Local Speciality Bread
    • Local Meat
    • Fresh Fish
    • Local Eggs
    • Fruit & Vegetables
    • Local Cakes and Biscuits
    • Deli
    • Dairy


Local Speciality Bread

    Hetherton’s bread, from Newbury, is delivered daily (Monday to Saturday): should you wish, orders can be taken in advance and collected from the shop. Saturday is a special day when we have a more extensive range of artisan breads such as sourdough and campanillou.

    Pastries, especially pain au chocolat and croissants, are baked daily and are also available to purchase from our freezer.

    Local Meat and Fresh Fish


    Vicars Game of Ashampstead is a specialist local supplier of high quality meats. We stock fresh chicken, beef burgers, minced beef, gammon steaks and an extensive array of delicious sausages and home-cured and smoked bacon. The full range of meats from Vicars Game can be ordered in advance, and collected from the shop.

    Vicars can also supply fresh fish! Available for collection from the shop. 

    Vegetables and Fruit

    Fresh produce is received six days a week and is kept fresh, where appropriate, in a chilled environment in the shop. Orders can be taken in advance for an extensive range of vegetables, fruit and herbs: some herbs are available from our herb garden for a small donation in ‘the pig’.

    Donations of local fresh food and plants are regularly available in exchange for a small donation.

    Local free-range eggs

    All eggs stocked in the shop and used in the café are from Beechwood Farm in Hampstead Norreys.  Everything is free range – hens can roam outside at any time, and can dust bathe, laying their eggs in a nest and roosting at night.  The hens have access to the outdoors from sunrise to sunset and eggs are collected daily so typically are on shelves within 36 hours of being laid.

    • Groceries
    • Soft Drinks
    • Wine
    • Beer & Spirits
    • Pet Food
    • Toiletries & Household
    • Cigarettes & Tobacco
    • Gifts and Cards
    • Newspapers & Magazines


We stock a wide range of groceries to suit all purses: where possible we buy price-marked goods to keep the cost down. We stock a range of ‘made for Hampstead Norreys’ goods such as jams, marmalade and dried fruit, and we also keep a stock of unusual items that make excellent presents. We have a good range of wine, beer and cider, much of which is local to the area. Come and browse, and if you don’t see what you are looking for ask – we don’t promise to be able to get it but do we promise to try!



    • Paypoint
    • Orders
    • Prescription Drop & Delivery
    • Parcel Collection
    • Stamps
    • Cashback


We are a community shop that cares so we have introduced Paypoint so you can pay bills or charge your phone or electricity key.

Every Thursday we have prescriptions brought to us from the local surgery: order online and ask for it to be delivered to the shop, or drop your prescription in with us and it will be picked up on a Thursday for delivery one week later.

We now offer cashback (maximum £30) – and there is no charge for credit cards!

If you are going to be out when a parcel is to be delivered, it can be left for you at the shop – but as space is limited we do ask you not to use this service for big parcels please.

If there are any other services you would like to see introduced, please do speak to Mandy, our lovely manager, or any other person on duty. We will do our best!